Pc Game Gta San Andreas Full Download

Pc Game Gta San Andreas Full Download

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Download. 100% Working . The third part of the classic GTA series, and much more programs. GTA San Andreas: Impact of motor and high-quality graphics. Free Download. Enjoy 3D graphics . Everything about GTA San Andreas. Guide players of GTA San Andreas with complete game information , Pc Game Gta San Andreas Full Download  .  free pc games

Pc Game Gta San Andreas Full Download

Minimum System Requirement

  1. |||| => Processor ----- 1.5Hhz Intel Pentium III ---- AMD Athlon <= ||||
  2. |||| => Video Card  ---- 64Mb With DirectX 9 Compatible Driver <= ||||
  3. |||| => Sound Card ---- DirectX 9 Compatible Stero<= ||||
  4. |||| => Hard Disk Space ---- 4 Gb Free <= ||||
  5. |||| => RAM ---- 256MB <= ||||
  6. |||| => KeyBoard <= ||||
  7. |||| => Mouse<= ||||

Recommended System Requirment

  • |||| => Processor ----- 2.80 Or 2.40 Intel Pentimum 4 ---- AMD Athlon <= |||| 
  • |||| => Video Card  ---- 128Mb With DirectX 9 Compatible Drivers <= ||||
  • |||| => Sound Card  ---- DirectX 9 Compatible stero <= ||||
  • |||| => Hard Disk Space ---- 4.9Gb Free <= ||||
  • |||| => RAM ---- 512MB<= |||| 
  • |||| => KeyBoard <= ||||
  • |||| => Mouse <= ||||
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