The description of Free Fire

FREE FIRE is the first surviving shooter in Vietnam, bringing live experience to the extreme and filled with sudden choking. After parachuting from a transport plane to the designated island, the battle of life and death begins, only one rule exists: "hunting or becoming prey." Players must quickly find the necessary weapons and supplies scattered throughout the island to survive and defeat other players.

- With an open map system, players are free to navigate, explore the large island with detailed graphics, sharp shadows and breakthrough technology to bring true to life. to every detail.
- Weapons system, equipment and means of transport to help players explore and choose the right tactics to survive. The area on the island is constantly shrinking, forcing the player to use all his skills, thinking and acumen to hide, find supplies, ambush unexpected enemies with the goal of becoming last survivor

Download Free Fire now to experience a fierce battle of survival where intelligence, skills and analytical intelligence are key determinants of survival; where human survival instincts are pushed to the highest limits. Will you be a hunter or prey in this mortal battle? Challenge yourself with Battle Royale!

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