WebcamMax allows you to add all sorts of special effects and images to webcam images to make your broadcasts and webcam sessions more fun. WebcamMax adds videos, pictures and effects to virtual/real Webcams and broadcasts on messenger services.

Key features include:

Basic Effects: Thousands of fantastic effects make your video clips and photos awesome.
Regular Update: Make sure you get the latest version to enjoy the new added effects.
Video Recording: Record your videos with cool effects to broadcast on YouTube or Facebook.
Virtual Webcam: Share your video clips or desktop screen with family and friends even without a real webcam.
Doodling and PinP: Paint on the video box freely and directly. You can also broadcast different sources simultaniously with Picture in Picture.
Support for Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Paltalk, Camfrog, YouTube, Ustream, and JustinTV.
WebcamMax is a fun application for adding something different to your standard webcam recordings. You can add lots of effects, and broadcast picture in picture. The downside is that the effects can look low key and not high quality. Then again, if you just want to have a bit more fun with your webcam, it isn't a big deal.


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